Rosetta Costume Or Your Favorite Fairy From Pixie Hollow

Published: 23rd October 2009
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Magic, pixie dust and tea parties. Do the girls in your family love the timeless magic of fairies? Whether your favorite fairy is Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa, TinkerBell, or Silvermist , every fairy makes a great fancy dress costume for ladies, teens and children on Halloween. Read more to take a ride through Pixie Hollow. You'll learn a little bit more about each fairy and some ideas when deciding which Halloween costume is best for you. Figure out which personality matches yours.

TinkerBell was made famous by the original Peter Pan stories written by J.M. Barrie. Tinker fairies are also known as "Pots and Pans" faires. TinkerBell, sometimes referred to as "Miss Bell", sassy, feisty and fun loving. TinkerBell loves silverbells which are her favorite flower. The thing she loves the most is coming up with awesome inventions from objects she finds around Pixie Hollow. Tink invented the "balloon carrier," an ingenious flying craft created from cotton fluff, a gourd, and a compass and she really gets upset when she cant' fix something. Her favorite treat, pumpkin muffins. Tink lives in a tea kettke get marks for being the bravest around humans.

The TinkerBell costume consists of a strapless leaf design in very fairy shade of green. This design can be worn by a toddler, child, or by an adult in a very sexy configuration using a mini-skirt accompanied by fairy wings and a wand and jewelry as accessories. A teen or children configuration could be more conservative with long green stockings. A great effect is to buy some spray glitter to use for pixie dust and spray Tinker Bell and other fairies with a good portion of it. The Tinker Bell deluxe costume is green and comes with purple wings and looks best with white Mary Janes and white stockings.

Silvermist - the other faires call her Sil - is a water fairy with a very go-with-the-flow type of fairy who can be a tad wishy-washy. However, Siivermist is also known as willing to listen to other fairies in need. Water chestnuts are what Silvermist loves to eat but she does not like loud noises. She likes it when people get along and listens to her heart when making decisions. Her favorite hangout is the babbling brook.

Silvermist wears a cool blue dress. The Silvermist girls deluxe costume has shades of silver, aqua blue and purple. Both shoulders are covered but a fishnet material covers the left shoulder while the costume is full length. Her wings are also silver, aqua blue and purple. The typical costume comes with the outfit and the wings. Silver slippers are a nice addition to the Rosetta costume.

The garden fairy of the group is Rosetta. Rosetta loves buttercup soup and her favorite flower is roses of course. Always eager to share advice with her other fairy friends, the sweet and sassy Rosetta is dressed in pink. Known for her charming accent she loves giving makeovers and always strives to look her best. Living in her rose-blossom chalet, she tells bedtime stories to her beloved potted plants.

The Rosetta costume consists of a 100% polyester coral and pink nylon petal skirt and sheer detachable wings. Sizes and styles of the Rosetta Costume are available in girls, teens and ladies sizes.

The fairy who's signature look is her long single hair braid is Fawn. Fawn is an animal ferry who loves melted acorn butter on everything. She is very rough-and-tumble and is a tomboy. Her favorite flower is the Tiger Lily. Living in her tree house carved from a pinecone, she enjoys spending time with animals and enjoys speaking toad.

Her costume consists of earth tones such as brown, flesh and deep orange. The costume has shoulder straps, comes with fairy andhas a knee length skirt.

Last but certainly not least is the lovely Iridessa who the fairies know as Dess or Dessa. Iridessa, a light fairy, loves having things in order. Her favorite treat is lemon meringue pie. She tends to worry a lot even though she really trys to look on the bright side of things. She looks bright and golden in her sun dress much like her favorite flower, the sunflower.

The Iridessa costume is golden yellow full gown. The costume comes with light fairy wings.

All the fairies have a unique outlook and bring something special to the world. Their styles, looks and personalities are full of life and they make really fun characters to become on Halloween for ladies, teens, children and even toddlers. I hope you liked this review of the Fairies from Pixie Hollow. Go to the Tinkerbell Costumes web site for more info about your favorite fairy costumes.

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